When dealing with oversized cargo, the key is to provide the most customizable, affordable solutions to our clients. Mass Transport Express offers professional consulting services to help plan the most efficient logistics for your shipments. Our expert team work tirelessly to deliver the most efficient packing and handling solutions, assessing the most suitable and safest modes of transports, ensuring you can rest easy while we take care of your cargo.

Our customised solutions are executed through the integration of multimodal transport from freighter flight, bulk vessel, flat rack, special low-bed truck, to Ro-Ro Service. With so many options at our disposal, Mass Transport Express will always find the best package to suit your logistic needs.

• Transport concept customization
• Advice on packaging and documentation
• Providing the right equipment at the right time and place
• Selection of carriers based on freight and according to strict quality criteria
• Ro-Ro, bulk, tanker, etc.